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Salon programme
1st of January
1st of January
Entries open on
You will get a notification email with your Early Bird discount code.
15th of January
15th of January
Last day to use your early bird discount
Early Bird discount can be used by entering "bl2019" code when paying an entry fee
1st of March
1st of March
Finish of entries & final reminder by email
We will send you final reminder email & separate email if you registered and still have not finalized your entry.
We can extend a deadline for a few days if you notify us.
10th of March
10th of March
16th of March
16th of March
Results announcement
100% on time for the last 2 years.
Usually the day before notification or at the day of notification. But not later.
You will get results by email & on salon web site. Acceptance list is easy to use( just find your name and you will see all your acceptances).
6th of April
6th of April
FIAP reporting file & EDAS are sent to FIAP & PSA
If you need your image titles to be changed, please email us before reports are sent. We will make all necessary changes and will send you confirmation screen shot.
1st of May
1st of May
Awards, E-book, Certificates & Diplomas
Awards are safely packed and sent to the provided addresses. You get an email with tracking numbers(its important for us that your awards do not get lost). You get your copy of E-book, your signed acceptance certificates & diploma.
FIAP and PSA Patronages
FIAP Patronage 2019/178
FIAP and PSA country is RUSSIA
PSA Recognition 2019-087
Medals delivery guarantee
We always send all medals & other awards on time however sometimes post can lose your awards. In this case please email us and we will send you a new award. All packages are well safely packed.
In 2,5 years we have made 23 salons in 10 different countries with 7,093 participants from more than 70+ countries who uploaded 132,254 images and received 36,434 acceptances and more than 1900 awards.
Everything on time
We try to make everything on time. This is our main priority. For now we have not announced results later than on the day of notification. But we try to make it as earlier as possible.
We answer all emails
We try to answer all emails as quick as possible. Usually during 1 working day. Sometimes we need some time to process your request.
–°hoose sections that best suit you
You can upload up to 4 images in each section. All sections are recognized by FIAP and PSA.
Open Color(PID-C)
Any photograph that is not monochrome. It includes a monochrome photograph that has been partially toned or had colour added. Photo: Normante Ribokaite

Open Monochrome(PID-M)
An image is considered to be Monochrome only if it gives the impression of having no color (i.e. contains only shades of gray which can include pure black and pure white) OR it gives the impression of being a grayscale image that has been toned in one color across the entire image. Photo: Soumesh Roy
Photo Travel(PTD)
Photo Travel image must express the feeling of a time and place, and portray a land, its distinctive features or culture in its natural state. There are no geographical limitations. Photo: Serhii Kurlia
Any kind of images of Man and/or Woman together or separately. Photo: Hasan Aleid
Any kind of Children images. Photo: Istvan Kerekes
Image of a person or group of people that captures the personality of the subject by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses. Photo: Margaret Metcalfe
Meet our Jury
All jury members are honorary photographers with different distinctions and years of practice.
Sergey Majorov

Sergey Borisov
Boris Kosov
Awards, E-book & Certificates
In Beautiful Life salon you will get 85 FIAP, PSA and Salon awards as well as:
Innovative catalogue
In our E-book we have included some interesting facts about salon country including travel tips, interviews(stories) with judges or well-scored participants. You can also check some images stories, find out salon awards & acceptance info, statistics etc.
Acceptance certificates
Acceptance certificate is sent to everyone who got acceptances. In final email you will find your personal link for an acceptance
Signed diploma is sent to everyone who received awards. In final email you will get your personal link for your Diploma.
We are making salons in 10 countries
Our mission to cultivate FIAP & PSA salons culture in those countries where there are no FIAP& PSA. Especially we are interested in CIS region, Asia & Africa.

If you like to make salon in your country and you do not know how, just email me and we will be happy to make it :)
We are showing images to the world :)
We are fully patronaged by:
We try to be friends with our participants, so we are happy to answer your questions.

Usually we are replying in 1 working day(Monday to Friday). Maybe more if your request takes some time.
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